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Why Frikas

- 24 years of experience. We are one of the first wholesale companies focusing strictly on gastronomy.  

- No minimum value orders required. All orders, no matter their value, are delivered in accordance with your needs.

- We are ready to deliver your orders any time on working days, as well as on public holidays, tailored to your needs. 

- A vast product range from a single distributor. Our offer includes traditional food products, as well as exotic ones from across the globe.

- Regular Hot Deals on the most sought after products for our customers.

- Newsletter with discounts and Hot Deals for registered customers.

- A 4 percent bonus for registered customers, right after signing up.   

- Deferred billing for our long-standing business partners in accordance with their needs.  

- Card payments accepted.

- Payment by meal tickets on delivery.  

- Individual approach to every single customer is one of our company’s cornerstones. Our salesmen are ready to personally deal with any of your needs or issues.

- News on our Facebook page.

- Our support is ready to answer your questions by phone: 0905 841 687.

- All orders delivered before 8:00 AM are delivered on the same day, usually no later than in two hours’ time.

Conditions of sale

Pricing policy:

- having consulted the cooperation options with our salesperson, the customer can choose the option that suits him best, either from group A or B.


Group A:

- The customer buys at basic prices and takes advantage of the following program of bonuses:

a) the customer does not pay the fees for processing meal tickets,  OR

b) he agrees on buying key products for his business at fixed prices, OR

c) depending on the monthly turnover, he gets a bonus up to 5 percent in cash or in the form of a credit:

2000 - 3000€ equals a 1 percent bonus

3000,01 - 4000€ equals a 2 percent bonus

4000,01 - 6000€ equals a 3 percent bonus 

6000,01 - 10000€ equals a 4 percent bonus

10000,01 € and more equals a 5 percent bonus

The bonus is paid out for the preceding quarter. 


Group B:

- the customer buys at preferential prices, and takes advantage of our Hot Deals. Preferential prices are monitored on a regular basis, compared to the competition’s prices, and adjusted accordingly. 

Product prices are updated daily. Therefore, the distributor reserves the right to make such changes as announcing the start and end date of offers, clearance sale, extra discounts, purchase price adjustments, etc.

Order and delivery details


Goods are delivered on the next workday, but a same-day delivery is possible too, provided that your order has been placed by 4:00 AM.

We also offer a 2-hour express delivery of goods, regardless of the time of order placement (consulted individually with every customer)

Goods are delivered behind the customer’s first lockable door.


Payment options:

The goods can be paid for in cash (€), meal tickets on delivery – Ticket restaurant, Cheque dejeuner, Vaša, Doxx, Diners Club, or by MasterCard, Visa, and Visa Electron cards.


Warranties & disclaimer:

Any defect of goods is to be claimed on delivery. Latent defects are to be claimed within 24 hours of the delivery by phone: 0905 841 687. As soon as the goods are delivered, the distributor ceases to be liable for any damage caused by the customer by improper storage and manipulation, as well as inappropriate product processing. 


Additional information:

  • - to ask any questions concerning our services and goods, call 0905 841 687
  • - more detailed information can also be found on our website and our Facebook page
  • - registered customers are sent our offers by e-mail regularly
  • - vast product range (approx. 45,000 items). Special and exotic food products can be ordered and delivered too.


Loyalty rewards

Our loyal customers can enjoy several benefits that provide a significant support for their business activities in the field of gastronomy in the long run. Beside these benefits, we offer support in the field of food service equipment, and help our clients to ensure funding for their business development.

For more details concerning our activities and support options, contact us by e-mail.

Product categories

Fresh products

  • - Fruits
  • - Nuts
  • - Vegetables
  • - Milk and cream
  • - Yoghurts and desserts
  • - Butter, fats, and spreads
  • - Sauces dressings, mayonnaise
  • - Eggs and yeast
  • - Cheese
  • - Meat, poultry, and fish
  • - Meat products and delicacies

Dry products

  • - pasta, rice, and legumes
  • - flour, salt, and sugar
  • - cooking and baking ingredients
  • - sterilized food
  • - instant food products
  • - oils, vinegar, and dressings
  • - bakery products
  • - cereals and muesli
  • - sugar and gluten-free products
  • - international cuisine

Frozen products

  • - vegetables and fruits
  • - French fries and potato specialties 
  •  -meat and poultry
  • - fish and seafood
  • - ready-to-cook products
  • - ice cream