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About Frikas s.r.o.

The company Frikas s.r.o. was established in 1992 to become one of the first wholesale companies in Slovakia dealing with food distribution to the foodservice industry. In the beginning, we distributed frozen food only. Gradually, fresh and dry wood were added to our product range. Now we specialize in direct food import from the EU countries, as well as from countries all over the world. There are more than 40 000 products in our range that meet the demand of all significant cuisines in the world. We distribute food products to mass caterers of all kinds, sizes, and national cuisines, including such establishments as school and factory canteens, HoReCa, cafeterias, pizzerias, and other public food service establishments, what makes us the perfect partner for the foodservice industry.

Our customers are taken care of by a team of professional salesmen, who are in constant touch with every single customer. We offer also regular sales support activities to our customers. The aim of these activities is to get our customers to know with all the benefits we offer, and be able to get the best deal. The products are distributed every day, all-year-round, within the Bratislava Region and Western Slovakia.


We support

OFK Dunajská Lužná - pre-preparatory team

Football tournament, February 14th, 2015

Fantastic performance by the youngest ones, the rising football stars :)

 Rising stars


Career opportunities

Currently, the following positions are available:


  • Sales representative for the Bratislava Region and Western Slovakia
  • Driver salesman (driving license category B)
  • Storekeeper - dispatch of goods


For more detailed information concerning the job offers, please, get in touch with the company's management.




Frikas s.r.o., Na pántoch 10, 831 06 Bratislava



Tel.: 02/4437 1894

Mobile: 0905/841 687

Fax: 02/4488 0918


Registration Number: 31 319 017

Tax ID: 2020 344 931

VAT: SK 2020 344 931


Bank account: Tatra banka

Bank account number: 2621000707/1100 (IBAN SK45 1100 0000 0026 2100 0707)



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17° 10' 31.1061843" E